As the vibrant colors of spring bring Western NY to life, Buffalo Liquor is excited to announce our Spring Tasting Extravaganza. Scheduled for May 3, 2024, from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM, this event offers a unique opportunity to dive into a world brimming with exquisite tastes and aromas. More than just a chance to sample new beverages, our extravaganza invites you to explore the art of tasting itself, all within the welcoming environment of our store at 4933 Transit Road in Depew, NY.

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From refreshing spring wines that capture the essence of the season, to light spirits, and ready-made canned cocktails that will surprise and delight, there's a taste for every preference. This is your chance to grab a taste, engage with our experts, and learn all about your new favorite drink. Join us for an evening where we showcase the finest offerings of the season, carefully selected to capture the essence of spring. Here are some of the many products that we'll be sampling:

Beyond the pleasure of tasting, the Spring Tasting Extravaganza is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of spring's best flavors. Our experts are ready to share their knowledge, helping you recognize the unique characteristics and aromas of each drink. This exploration could lead you to find a new favorite among our selection of the season's freshest wines and top-quality global spirits.

Buffalo Liquor’s Spring Tasting Extravaganza is a celebration of the season, of new beginnings, and of the shared joy that comes from discovering the tastes of the upcoming season. So, mark your calendars and join us for an evening that promises to be as enriching as it is delightful. Contact our team at 716-671-2188 to learn more. Cheers to new discoveries and the taste of spring!